What It Means to Have A Cancel-Proof Business

What It Means to Have A Cancel-Proof Business

Your business, message, or products are not “Government-approved.” At least they aren’t if they aren’t mainstream, fit the narrative, and are sterilized to the point of boredom. So if you’ve been trying to get a message out for some time, you will surely have experienced censorship, shadow banning, or outright cancellation. When it comes to internet marketing in today’s cancel culture, is it possible for your business to survive Big Tech censorship? Or do you have to water down your narrative to avoid an online wipe-out?


You don’t have to change your business message or to offer to avoid being canceled by Big Tech online.

Give them the middle finger!

Government and Big Tech have big power over online speech. But it is possible to have a cancel-proof business, make money, and give Big Tech and the thought police the middle finger once and for all!

It’s become pretty clear over the past few years that if your business advocates privacy, anonymity, or autonomy in any shape or form, or you discuss anything that doesn’t agree with the mainstream narrative, there’s a huge future probability that:

  • FB removes your content
  • Twitter bans your account
  • YouTube deletes your videos…
  • …and then your channel…
  • Amazon axes your eBook
  • Google squashes your SEO.

And if you are blocked from using online channels:

  • How do you grow your audience?
  • How do you share your message?
  • How do you sell your products and services?
  • How do you build (and protect) your reputation?

The big censorship CON!

Censorship is defined as the suppression of ideas, images, or words that some people find offensive to them in some way.

Censorship has been a part of human society for thousands of years, for example:

  • Suppressing information is commonly used by governments to protect themselves from negativity and rebellion from citizens.
  • Countries protect their image by altering or presenting selective information to the public to find favor in other countries.
  • It is also practiced by private companies that may not want much of their private information out in public.

One of the internet censorship cons is that it limits the accessibility of information and freedom of speech and expression. Ruling governments use internet censorship to their advantage by blocking websites threatening their power. Today, new examples of Censorship exist, with search engines and social media companies removing content from their platforms at the behest of governments or organizations. Consequently, this jurisdiction of controlling access to certain information can be owned by governments, big tech, mass media, or private companies.

But this brings up a few questions:

  • Does this group follow morals while restricting information?
  • Who oversees the activities of this group?
  • What if they are wrong?

How online censorship affects your business

Censorship exists for various alleged reasons, such as national security, regulating obscenity or pornography, and safeguarding children or other vulnerable people. And all of those sound great. But, if your business message or products are legitimate but collide with the official or popular narrative, you are in danger of being canceled too.

1. Your content can be collateral damage

Censoring information online, in real time, can also get complicated quickly. It can result in general (safe) content being blocked. For example, when the government blacklists a specific term for vague reasons, it can quickly have an impact on everyday websites, including e-commerce. In China, if a word in your query has a sensitive word like “river,” and you search for it several times, your entire IP address will be blacked out for 90 seconds. This is because the way they pronounce the word “river” is the same as how they enunciate the last name of Jiang Zemin, China’s former president (and therefore censored).

2. Censorship limits promotional opportunities

What makes censorship worse today is companies’ dependence on the internet to communicate with their audiences…. As human addiction to social media keeps increasing, online marketers target their consumers on digital platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Internet censorship allows people with power and money to control what common citizens can see and express. The major impacted groups by internet censorship are corporations and budding entrepreneurs. Restricting social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter obstructs small- and medium-scale businesses or groups from reaching audiences at a low cost.

3. Limits business activities

If you’re operating a website in a controlled environment, you won’t be able to compete on a global scale. Furthermore, it can limit your access to leading suppliers and service providers.

When companies can’t access certain parts on the internet, they probably won’t be able to access the best resources for products and services. They won’t even know that they have better options that can be highly cost-effective.

4. Negatively impacts web analytics

Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology can help users bypass censorship obstacles like the “Great Firewall.” However, VPNs will lead to false web stats for online retailers and companies that rely on digital marketing. So companies won’t understand their target audience because the visitor’s IP address and identity will be twisted and hidden.


For example, when Twitter and YouTube were banned in Turkey, the number of VPN subscriptions skyrocketed. In a project targeting Italian-speaking Turkish users, the company noticed that visitors from Turkey dropped from 44% to 23.9% after the ban.

At the same time, traffic from Switzerland and the United Kingdom increased dramatically. While these were considered “new visits,” they were actually the same visitors accessing the site through a VPN.

5. Increased marketing costs

When dealing with these types of challenges, market strategies are more complicated. It also increases the cost of online marketing activities. This can result in businesses becoming less competitive as they have to allocate more resources toward getting around censorship protocols.

6. It stops important information from getting out to the public

For example, how many lives could have been saved if information about the recent health situation once censored as misinformation but later proven true was able to get out sooner? There are countless examples of this in financial, medical, and political circles. You will be canceled if your opinion doesn’t match that of the prevailing media.

7. Why it’s important to build a Cancel-Proof Business

Twitter does it all the time. So does Facebook. Now PayPal and JP Morgan have jumped on the cancel culture bandwagon, and suddenly it’s not just your business’s brand and marketing channels that are being attacked, but the functioning of its finances.

So, now that we have established WHY it’s important to build a cancel-proof business – is it possible?

The simple answer is YES!

To start with, It’s time to get your Digital Footprint Offshore!

Have you heard of the Flag Theory? According to Flag Theory, the 6th flag is your digital life.

Simply put, you move your online presence offshore to a place where your privacy and freedom of speech are protected. And, once you have established your cancel-proof platform, it’s just a matter of cranking up your impact by:

  • Building cancel-proof marketing funnels and utilizing impact tools like censor-proof virtual summits.
  • Creating an automatic marketing machine that keeps your digital assets like your email list safe and private
  • Utilizing what is arguably the best privacy marketing tool in the world to produce leads, sales, and impact
  • And getting a perpetual flow of leads and sales without wasting time on day-to-day fulfillment and promotion.

If you would like a full break of the EXACT system we use to help influencers and experts make a bigger impact without worrying about being canceled, we have an upcoming summit that will go into all the details. Subscribe and watch for more details.


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