Could Suicides From the Lock Downs Account for 10x More Deaths than Corona Virus Itself?

As someone focused on the importance of freedom and liberty, along with a basic understanding of economics, it’s clear that the severity of the economic damage caused by the lockdown will be massive.

Businesses that will never reopen… Jobs that will never exist again… and Trillion dollars were printed into existence… And destroying any savings you have through massive inflation.

But throughout this Covid-19 fiasco, I've been accused of only caring about

Told that I was just a whiny child who was complaining that I couldn't go out and
spend my riches.

And told repeatedly that if the lockdowns save just one life, it will all be worth it. Because the economy has been down before, we can get through it.

That lives are so much more important than the economy.

And honestly, I agree. Lives are more important than the economy. Lives are more important than money. And no amount of money can replace the value of just one human being.

But money isn't just words printed on a piece of paper. Even though, as the governments of the world print more of it, that's what it’s becoming.

Money represents freedom. It represents your ability to take responsibility
to pay for your family.

It represents experiences, travel, status, and safety.

And for better or for worse, it represents the quality of life and, ultimately, survival.

Because without freedom, experiences, a feeling of responsibility, status, and safety… You fall into the trap of Poverty… Starvation… declining self-worth… and Despair.

And while the first 2 of those can kill you on their own or cause you to murder others… that's not what I'm talking about today.

Because while this virus could kill thousands, the evidence doesn't support that it will kill millions. We'll talk about that in other videos.

But government overreactions will likely cause millions of deaths worldwide…

Through one of the most pointless and depressing causes of death that exist.


In the US alone, it's predicted by many that the increase in suicides caused
just by the economic situation caused by lockdowns could be over 800,000.

And that doesn't count those who are already choosing to end their lives due to loneliness and the uncertainty of when this will end.

800,000 deaths that don't need to happen.

According to “The Economics of Suicide: An Empirical Study of America’s Rising Suicide Rate,”

“…with a 1% increase in the annual unemployment rate, approximately 21 additional suicides per 100,000 of the population can be expected”

Do the math. With 330,000,000 people in the US, that means that for every 1% increase in unemployment, you can expect 69,200 more suicides. Again, from the unemployment itself, not counting the social isolation aspects.

The unemployment rate in the US was 3.6% in January… But where will it go because of the economic destruction caused by lockdowns?

Well, according to the Federal Reserve, the unemployment rate in the US could reach 32%.

That's a staggering number at 1,965,280 deaths.

But even if it only increases to 15% as Goldman Sacks predicts, that's still over 788,880 extra deaths from suicide.

Whether these numbers hold up over time is yet to be seen. Hopefully, they don't and this turns into a gross exaggeration.

But the estimated deaths from Covid-19 by August 4th is expected to be significantly less, at 67,641.

A tragic and terrifying number for sure…

But given the lack of evidence that the lockdowns are accomplishing saving
lives, isn't it time we started thinking about saving many more by getting the economy on track as soon as possible?

I don't want to talk about whether or not the lockdowns have been effective today.

But it's vital that you understand the economy isn't just money. It represents the quality of life… But also, millions of lives are either lost or saved around the

What is your backup plan? What will you do if your job or business is lost?

Are your savings secure from a collapse or significant decline in the US dollar?

Because while it's important to be safe from this virus… Especially if you are in one of the at-risk groups, you also need to ensure you and your family are protected from what happens after.

Because the banks and the government have shown they aren't going to do it for you. Their plans, as usual, are destroying more lives than they're helping.

And, as usual, their cure is worse than the disease.

It’s up to you to become independent and build a life of freedom and liberty.

That's what responsibility looks like.