GET OUT! Before The Karens Get You First

GET OUT! Before The Karens Get You First

A 70-year-old acquaintance was arrested a little while ago for swimming in the sea. He was not allowed to dress but was manhandled into the police truck in his swimsuit and taken to the police station for further questioning. His shirt, towel, and mobile were left on the empty beach for his wife to find…

Stories like this infuriate me, which is the rant & rave theme of my video today. Watch it at your own risk.

Everyone I know has at least one similar story to tell. If you don’t, you probably don’t care much about freedom, liberty, and human rights, which makes you the opposite of a LIBpreneur – an unconventional thinker who wants to live a life free from bureaucrats, banks, bosses, borders and boredom!

However, if you’re bothered by the sudden ginormous rise in authoritative statism and display of totalitarian control over YOUR PERSONAL FREEDOM, there are quite a few solutions, one of which is to turn all those rules and regulations in your favor, by internationalizing your life.

Thing is, it is a waste of time to hate government. Whether it’s a “one world order” or each to their own, governments probably aren’t going anywhere.

So if the mountain isn’t going to move…YOU should do the moving. Because really, and I realize this is an oxymoron, there are better governments than others.

And if you think those “better” governments belong to the USA, Canada, New Zealand, or Australia, this newsletter probably found you by mistake. Because chances are, your name is Karen. You’re a government worshipper. And you are everywhere – watching, waiting to deliver some lawless criminal who dares to defy the statist cult you revere.

Think about it:

  • Who snitched on Anne Frank? Karen.
  • Accused Salem women of witchcraft? The Karens.
  • “Et tu Karen?” – William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar
  • Karen even got 30 silver pieces for her most famous betrayal.

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