Perfecting the Tomahawk Steak: Yes, You Can Have One in Paradise.

Perfecting the Tomahawk Steak: Yes, You Can Have One in Paradise.

Have you ever chased a flavor so perfect, it becomes an obsession? That was me with the quest for the ideal tomahawk steak. I mean I moved to Panama in search of more freedom and independence... But that certainly didn't mean I wanted to leave the good life behind.

You might be wondering why I wrote an article about cooking steak. After all, I'm all about entrepreneurship, canceling- cancel culture, freedom of speech, and independence.

But dammit, freedom means being able to have a great steak any damn time you want one. And sometimes those of us who grew up in the US or Canada have difficulty finding the delicious steaks that we want when we lay our hats somewhere else.

And I am not about to give up on one of my favorite meals just because the wonderful place I've chosen to live doesn't make getting that perfect dinner easy.

In my tropical paradise of Coronado, Panama, I hit roadblocks at every turn.

The beef quality here? Let's just say life in Canada and the US spoils us in many ways. Especially if you're in areas known for sourcing and cooking awesome beef.

But I wasn't willing to give up, and so came that 'eureka' moment - an Oklahoma Joe’s grill and smoker became my trusty sidekick.

A blend of searing techniques, Montreal steak spice seasoning...a dance perfected over time! Then applewood smoking to give that sweet undertone...

I cracked it - the secret to the perfect Tomahawk Steak in Coronado Panama! And even though I am not a food blogger or foodie at all, I had to share it.

Because at your home or on the trail, nothing beats a great tomahawk steak.

Curious about how this magic happens?

Ever since I stepped foot in Panama, my quest for a perfect steak was relentless.

I wasn't just searching for good beef. After an exhausting day, I sought out the kind of steak that would make me feel like a winner.

Panama seemed promising with its diverse culinary scene but there were challenges along the way.

The Beef Situation in Panama

In urban areas of Panama, finding high-quality beef isn’t that difficult. But when you first get here, trying to understand what cuts you want vs what you want to avoid is challenging.

But get further from the city and things start getting tricky – quality takes a nosedive faster than your hopes when it rains on beach day. You can find imported beef in most of the larger centers. But finding restaurants that really cook them well is a more difficult task.

Urban vs Rural Beef Quality

You see, Panama City is filled with gourmet restaurants serving prime cuts, sourced from well-reared cattle.

In contrast, rural regions often lack this luxury - many times settling for less tender and flavorful options. Grilled steak also isn't a national food, so not manyh have been trained in good barbeque (although its gotten a lot more common over the years.)

And who said we're here to settle?

The Art of Cooking Beef Correctly

If cooking is an art form then preparing steak must be equivalent to painting The Last Supper. It requires finesse and understanding about heat control, seasoning balance, and timing.

Importance of Proper Cooking Techniques

Cooking techniques can make or break your meal. This holds true especially when dealing with mediocre cuts of meat.

A properly seared piece has the potential to taste just as heavenly even if it’s not exactly filet mignon.

Chasing the perfect steak in Panama? City or country, it's a journey. From high-quality cuts in Coronado to mastering cooking techniques - we're not settling for less than great beef. #PanamaSteakQuest Click to Tweet

Settling down in Panama was a move for freedom, but who knew it would turn into an epic quest for the perfect steak?

The city life boasts some quality imported beef cuts. But take one step outside the urban hustle, and you're left questioning your carnivorous cravings.

You see, Panama's local beef is just plain different when you are used to USDA or Alberta Beef. It has a lot less fat, making it tougher and less flavorful. Also, all of the cuts have different names than you're used to, so figuring out what you want can also be a challenge.

It is very possible to get Panama beef that is tender and flavorful. But if you want a quality rib eye or tomahawk, you're going to want to go imported.

Urban vs Rural Beef Quality

Panama City offers prime steaks, no doubt about that.

Luxury restaurants have mastered the art of sourcing top-notch imported and local beef. So if you've got deep pockets, well-marbled juicy steaks are just around the corner.

Rural Areas: A Different Story

In contrast to its metropolitan counterpart, rural Panama faces a tougher time.

Chasing the perfect steak in Panama? City life serves up prime cuts, but rural areas can be a beefy challenge. Luxury or rustic, it's an epic quest worth every bite. #PanamaSteakQuest Click to Tweet

When it comes to preparing beef, there's a skill and technique involved. 

Especially in Panama, where quality can vary greatly depending on location.

But fear not. Even subpar cuts of meat can be elevated with the right techniques.

The Importance of Proper Cooking Techniques

A good technique starts even before the heat hits your steak.

Making sure your beef is at room temperature helps ensure even cooking while patting dry eliminates any excess moisture that could hinder a perfect sear.

You also need to choose between reverse searing or traditional grilling methods.

Common Mistakes in Beef Preparation

Sure, everyone makes mistakes but knowing what they are beforehand might save you from some serious dinner disappointment.

Bon Appétit's list of common grilling errors gives us insight into these pitfalls.

  • Failing to let the steak reach room temperature first - this results in unevenly cooked steaks.
  • Oversalting or undersalting – It’s a delicate balance we all have struggled with.
  • Cooking too hot and fast without properly managing your grill's heat zones - remember slow and steady wins the race when it comes to great steaks. ️

With these pointers in mind, you're well on your way to beef mastery.

Whether it's a fancy filet mignon or a simple skirt steak, applying these techniques will definitely level up your meat game ️.

Perfecting your steak game? Remember, even in Panama's varying beef quality, the right techniques can save any cut. Avoid grilling errors like not letting meat reach room temp or managing heat poorly for a winning dinner. #SteakMasteryClick to Tweet

When I first relocated to Panama, the idea of having autonomy and independence was not the only thing that captivated me. 

No, sir. There was another crucial factor: living good.

You see, nothing spells satisfaction better than a juicy steak after a long day's work.

The Tomahawk Steak Discovery

I found my answer in the tomahawk steak.

A beauty to behold and an absolute delight on your taste buds.

Finding this culinary gem turned out to be quite an adventure - one worth sharing with you all.

The Perfect Grilling Equipment

It all started with my trusty Oklahoma Joe's grill and smoker.

This bad boy is key for achieving perfect results every time you fire up some steaks.

Preferred Cooking Style and Seasoning Choices

Cooking Method Key Stats (6)Searing Temperature(7)Cook Time (8)
Searing Over Reverse Searing:500F-550FEach side should be seared for approximately three to six minutes depending on the thickness.

Just moved to Panama and discovered the joy of grilling a Tomahawk steak on my Oklahoma Joe's. Trust me, nothing beats searing at 500F-550F for that perfect bite. #PanamaLife #SteakLovers Click to Tweet

Applewood smoking a steak, my friends, is like magic.

You see, every type of wood has its own unique flavor profile and applewood? It's the wizard in this story.

This particular kind of smoke infuses the meat with a slightly sweet undertone that doesn't overpower but subtly enhances the overall taste.

Choosing Applewood for Smoking

I didn't just stumble upon applewood smoking by chance.

A lot of research went into it (you can read more about different types of woods to use here). But ultimately what led me to choose apple was its balance between boldness and subtlety.

The aroma from an apple tree burns mild enough not to steal center stage but assertive enough to leave a mark on your palate – you know something special happened here.

Making Your Steak Cancel Proof With Applewood Smoke

In business terms?

It’s risk management for your tastebuds.

Type Of WoodTaste Profile
OakBold & Strong Flavour - Might Overpower The Meat
Hickory ️️⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ ⠀Strong But Not Overpowering - Balanced Flavour Profile ️⁣⠀ ⠀
Applewood ️⁣⠀ ⠀Sweet Undertone, Enhances The Overall Taste Of The Meat ️

In the end,

The quest for that perfect steak in Panama led me to this incredible technique.

Now is the ideal moment to begin your journey. It's never too late to take that first step.

Experience the magic of applewood smoked steak. Its subtle sweetness enhances, never overpowers. It's like risk management for your tastebuds. Dive into this flavor journey with me and find out why Panama loves it too. #SteakLovers #FoodieAdventure Click to Tweet

The Perfect Tomahawk Steak Recipe

First things first, we need to prepare the steak.

Preparing the Steak

A perfect tomahawk starts with good prep work. Ensure the steak is brought to room temp and dried completely before beginning to cook - it's essential for creating a delicious sear.

I can't stress enough how crucial this step is for getting that mouth-watering sear later on.

Cooking Process

Now comes the fun part: grilling. The trick here isn’t some secret spice or marinade, but patience and control over heat.

We start by searing our steak on direct heat - this will give us those beautiful grill marks everyone loves. Afterward, we move it onto indirect heat until it's cooked just right. This technique ensures that your steak gets an amazing crust without turning into shoe leather inside.

Resting and Serving

If you're anything like me, once that sizzling beauty hits off the grill you want nothing more than to dive in headfirst. But hold up.

You gotta let your masterpiece rest after all that hard work. Trust me when I say - this is not optional if you want juicy goodness rather than chewy sadness.

To serve? Keep it simple. A little salt sprinkled over top should do nicely. Bon appetit.

Note: All these steps might seem tedious at first glance but they ensure every bite of your meal ends up being memorable in a way only perfectly grilled beef can be. Why not give it a go?

Craving a juicy Tomahawk steak? Start with good prep, master the heat on your grill, and don't forget to let it rest before serving. These simple steps will make every bite memorable. #SteakLovers #GrillingTips Click to Tweet

FAQs in Relation to Perfect Tomahawk Steak in Coronado Panama

How expensive is a tomahawk steak?

A tomahawk steak can cost anywhere from $30 to $75, depending on the quality and where you buy it. High-end butchers tend to charge more. We paid $165 for one steak in a Panama City restaurant.

Is Tomahawk steak fatty?

Yes, Tomahawk steaks are known for their rich marbling of fat which adds flavor when cooked properly. It's part of what makes them so delicious.


The journey to the perfect Tomahawk Steak in Coronado Panama was filled with trials, but every step taught us something new.

Obtaining top-notch beef may be a challenge, but it's certainly achievable. Urban or rural - we learned there's always a way.

Mastering cooking techniques is key. It can transform even mediocre cuts into mouth-watering delicacies!

An Oklahoma Joe’s grill and smoker, searing methods, Montreal steak spice seasoning...all crucial elements of our success.

But don't forget the magic touch: applewood smoking for that sweet undertone.

If you follow this guide carefully, your kitchen will soon smell like heaven too!