Right Now Is Ugly Times Ugly

Right Now Is Ugly Times Ugly

I’m refraining from calling it ugly to infinity because I still hope that something will give. Because every now and then, there’s a glimmer of hope that good things happen when Little Guy stands up to Fat Man.

Let’s define “little guy”: as an ordinary person who is not wealthy, famous, or powerful — used to refer to such people in general by a politician who portrays himself as a friend of the little guy.

Aaaaah, politicians! Governments! Bureaucrats!

Woody Allen said, “The government is unresponsive to the little man's needs. Under 5′ 7″, it is impossible to get your congressman on the phone.”

And ain’t that the truth? African Americans believe it is they who aren’t heard. Republicans believe it is their needs that are ignored. So do democrats. Immigrants…women…LGBTQ…the list goes on and on.

But, in truth, it is everyone and anyone who isn’t wealthy, famous, or powerful. You know –– the little guy. Yet, there are billions of little guys and only a few fat men, so why do we allow less than 1% of people on earth to dictate when and where, and to whom we pay tax, or who is allowed to decide which stocks will make money and who can benefit from it?

Today’s Unconventional Entrepreneur video is about WallStreetBets, one of the most recent examples of what happens when little guys use their smarts to square up to fat cats. I get into what it is, how it happened and why it's so fricking awesome. Don’t miss it!

What makes it even cooler is that most of these “uprisings” of us lesser beings happen due to smart thinking and smart technology.

Inventor Dean Kamen talks about his resolution to engineering clean water globally for anyone who needs it could be a crucial step.

“As a little kid, I was always the smallest kid in my grade, and I heard the story of David and Goliath,” Kamen says. “To me, the moral of that story was ‘technology is cool.’ So people say to me today, ‘well, how did you get that moral out?’ And I say, well, there was this really little guy, David, and he had this really big problem, Goliath, but he had this little thing called a slingshot, and that little piece of technology took out that really big problem.”

All it takes is a willingness to meet the challenges head-on on their own turf if necessary. Not with pitchforks and torches but with knowledge and skill.

Larken Rose makes it incredibly easy to understand in his video The Philosophy of the Tiny Dot. If you only watch one video this year (except mine of course) make it this one.

Resistance is not futile.