Time to Follow the Science

“Millions of cases and very few deaths”

“Follow the science.”

Fascinating interview… It's a little long, but if you are tired of living in fear and should be, it's a very good watch about what we know.

Even if this virus was the black plague and bodies littered the streets, I believe our current reaction and shutdowns would be the wrong approach…

And  I've always said our reaction will cause way more destruction than the virus ever would.

Now, with the new evidence, we know it's not nearly as bad as the models predicted. Models that the current shutdowns were knee-jerk responses to.

And we know for certain that us, and the other voices of opposition to this government overreach were correct.

Maybe we didn't know that 2 months ago. But we do know it now.

So, it's time to open up.

Look, it's already too late to stop all the destruction that's headed our way due to the economic collapse.

Many of these businesses will never open back up… Many of these jobs are not coming back…

And most people still have no idea what's coming from the damage already done.

The UN predicts hundreds of thousands of extra child deaths for years because of the economic collapse.

The famine of “biblical proportions,” not my words, but the words of the UN, is expected.

Suicides will go up… Crime will increase.

Again, not because of a virus, but because governments refuse to let producers and the free market produce and keep the economy alive.

But the faster we flip course and get back to our businesses, new businesses, and our jobs, the faster we can clean up this mess.