4 Reasons To Incorporate Your Location Independent or Internet Business in Nevis

Hey guys, what's going on? I want to talk to you about something today about
when you're building your business, and you're starting to set up this an international type of business and location independent business that can be anywhere.

I want you to start to think about where you set up your head office
and where your base office is.

Because if you're building that kind of business, your head office doesn't have to be in the US or in Canada or wherever it is that you're even operating from.

And in most cases, you're going to find that it's better if it's not, and it's someplace else. And there are a number of different reasons for that.

But since you have the kind of freedom that lets you set up your business anywhere in the world, there are certain things that you should be looking for in that location.

That makes it the most beneficial for you. After all, I mean, it's you that's risking your capital and your expenses and your time and so much of your life to build that business.

You should be the one that gets to decide the location that it's going to be.

And it's going to be in the place where you're you're treated the best.

And I want to really talk about why you might want to choose, for example, why you want to incorporate Nevis.

Because, in many cases, Nevis is an awesome choice for a lot of businesses.

And that's why, in fact, here at Palm Tree that's where we chose for our head office to be stationed in Nevis even though I've never actually been there.

One of the first reasons that I really like Nevis is they speak English and that's the primary language, and this is great.

I've worked with I've had, you know, Panama businesses, and when you're dealing with Panama corporations, everything's in Spanish, all your legal terms are in Spanish, everything's done in Spanish. And in most countries, they're going to do most of the legal paperwork the in the language of that country.

And when you deal with a business, this can get to be a real nightmare.

So, English speaking is very important and one of the key points.

They also accept US dollars really easily.

They have their own currency, but it's pegged to the US Dollar. So the exchange rate doesn't fluctuate.

So, that makes doing business in US Dollars really easy. It also keeps it stable for you know, we've talked about the stability of the US dollar and well, you know fiat currencies have the problems, the US Dollar is still one of the strongest when compared to other fiat currencies, so it's great to be pegged towards that. One of the biggest reasons to choose Nevis, though, is its privacy benefits.

They have some of the strongest privacy laws in the world.

None of your, you know, when you have a business there, your beneficial owners, your shareholders, your officers, and directors, none of that even gets filed with the government.

So, that means that everything is kept separate for you between your personal and business life.

So, therefore if you ever sued personally, or you're ever sued in your business, the two never have a way of crossing.

Because that information isn't isn't available anywhere and it's completely private, and is therefore protected.

And the final reason that I want to talk about Nevis as a potential base for your business, is that it has territorial taxation.

And that means, that none of the income that you generate with your business is going to pay any tax on any business.

It's generated outside of Nevis. And this is hugely powerful for obvious reasons. If you can keep 40% more of your money and dump it into, you know, invest in your business businesses and grow faster.

Now, there are certain rules that you have to follow the not don't necessarily have to do with Nevis but have to do with where you're living.

For example, if you have some kind of, you're going to have a pass-through taxation from nevus. So, therefore if you live in a place that isn't territorial tax like the US, you're going to have to pay taxes there, you know.

Especially in the US. So, you're gonna have to file those taxes anyway, so even though you're not paying taxes in Nevis, you are going to pay them in the US.

But if you live and locate your tax residency somewhere else, and it also has a territorial tax system, so when it passes through from Nevis to your personal, then you're not going to be paying taxes in your personal either. Therefore it's entirely possible to live 100 percent tax-free.

As I said, you have the choice of where you going to put and I mean, when you're running a location-independent business, you probably have contractors. You probably have vendors in different countries. Your customers may,
you know, be located in different countries and you yourself if you're into that location independent lifestyle you might move around as well.

So, that's the beauty of establishing an international identity that we've talked about quite a bit.

It allows you to set up your affairs in your businesses and different parts of your life in different locations.

So, I'll talk more about this in other videos, but I want you to that if you're interested in learning more about international identities and how you can set yourself up and use different international locations, click the button below, and you're going to get more information of building a business that isn't confined by conventional borders and instead allows you to find that total personal, financial, and location Independence that you're probably looking for.