A Personal Exposé About Healthcare in Panama

A Personal Exposé About Healthcare in Panama

If you could choose only TWO of the following three, which would it be?

  1. Health,
  2. Wealth, or
  3. Happiness?

I haven’t come across anyone who would not forego money for good health and happiness. Let’s take it one step further.

You don’t intrinsically have a “right” to be rich. Or a “right” to be happy.


The right to health is real.

The saying goes, “If you have your health, you have everything.” This is not accurate, as many healthy people do not have everything.

Governments should be responsible for respecting, protecting, and fulfilling their human rights obligations, with international, regional, national, and local actors holding them accountable.


Some healthcare costs are more equal than others.

Let’s take the dreaded PCR test, for example. Want to fly internationally? You must show proof of a PCR or Antigen test at the airport in most countries.

  • In Canada, CBC News compared prices for PCR tests across the country and found they ranged from about $160 at Switch Health, which is also the company testing travelers at Pearson International Airport near Toronto to as much as $1,198, the top price charged by Northstream Safety and Rehab in Thunder Bay for a test done after-hours or on weekends.
  • In the United Kingdom, PCR tests performed by private companies usually range from € 150 – €250 per person region but can cost more if choosing an express option.
  • At Panama’s Tocumen International Airport (for international arrivals and departures), it costs $50.

This comparison seems to hold fast for general healthcare in Panama too. Better quality with shorter waiting times at lower prices.

In today’s video, I share my personal experience with healthcare options in Panama for ex-pats. If you are considering a move to Panama or any other country, this is one of the most important points to include in your pros vs. cons list, so make sure to get the right information from people on the ground before you fly!

Borders shouldn’t limit your health.

Neither should your freedom to do business and live a happy and fulfilled life.

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Yours in border-free living!