Exploring Natural Green Eco Campsite, El Valle De Anton, Panama

Exploring Natural Green Eco Campsite, El Valle De Anton, Panama

Ever dreamt of camping under a star-lit sky, surrounded by nature's orchestra? That's what I found at Natural Green Campsite in El Valle de Anton, Panama. ️

The chirping birds felt like they were serenading just for me.

Whether you are overlanding through Panama, spending time as a snowbird, or just looking for an escape from the city, a trip to this green paradise is enough to make you fall head over heels for the wilderness. I can guarantee your experience in this site will be an unforgettable one, with new guests from different backgrounds ranging from local families to students to overlanders and more.

Ready to embark on your own adventure into the wild heart of Panama?

Natural Green Eco Campsite, is a jewel nestled in the lush landscape of Panama, is an experience that blends outdoor adventure with tranquility.

This campsite isn't just any ordinary spot - it's located in El Valle de Anton, already known for its breathtaking natural beauty and diverse ecosystem.

And guess what? It's got rave reviews too. Five-star feedback from happy campers makes this place a surefire hit for your next camping trip.

Nurturing Nature: The Campsite's Biodiversity

If you're someone who appreciates wildlife, Natural Green Eco Campsite in El Valle De Anton, Panama will feel like paradise.

You'll get to see everything from chirpy birds to crawling geckos and turtles at play here.

Birds of El Valle

A bird-watcher’s delight.

The park boasts an impressive count of 32 different bird species that fill the air with their melodious songs every day.

The Reptile Residents

Turtles, geckos...Iguanas... and more.

You can observe these reptiles up close as they bask under the Panamanian sun or take shelter amidst leafy green trees.

Weathering the Seasons at Natural Green Eco Campsite

Pick any season to visit, each one offers something unique and enchanting. But remember,

The rainy season has its own charm with fewer crowds and nature blooming all around making your stay even more peaceful and serene.

Accommodations and Amenities at Natural Green Eco Campsite

Tenting under the stars, community barbecues...you name it.

This campsite provides everything necessary for a pleasant camping stay.

Tenting Options

You can pitch your tent in one of the covered areas to protect yourself from rain or dew. Or if you prefer, just grab a spot between the trees.

Community Barbecue Facilities

With a shared cooking space, you can whip up meals and enjoy them with other guests. It's not just about the food; it's about building memories together - maybe even while grilling marshmallows.

Key Takeaway: 

Natural Green Eco Campsite, nestled in Panama's lush landscape, offers a unique blend of adventure and tranquility. Its diverse ecosystem will feel like paradise to wildlife lovers, with 32 bird species and various reptiles to observe. The campsite is equipped for all seasons and includes amenities like tenting options and community barbecue facilities for an unforgettable camping experience.

Nurturing Nature: The Campsite's Biodiversity

Let's talk about the guests of honor at our campsite - the diverse wildlife that calls it home.

Birds of El Valle

No ornithology degree needed to appreciate the abundance of avian types in El Valle de Anton.

We're talking a whopping 32 different species. From vibrant toucans to melodious songbirds, they all add color and life to our little paradise.

The Reptile Residents

But birds aren't our only residents here. Let's not forget about turtles, iguanas, and geckos.

If you're lucky, you might spot an iguana, but you're sure to see some large turtles lazily sunbathing near the creek or see geckos darting around as dusk settles. They definitely keep things interesting.

Pro Tip: Remember always respect nature while enjoying your camping experience; we want these beautiful creatures feeling safe and welcome too.

There’s so much more than just tents and fire pits when it comes down camping with us; it’s a real biodiversity hotspot waiting for your discovery.

Discover a true biodiversity hotspot at Natural Green. With 32 bird species, sunbathing turtles and dusk-loving geckos, every camping trip here is a wild adventure. Remember to respect nature's residents while you're exploring. #CampingInNatureClick to Tweet

Ever wondered what El Valle Camping looks like in the rainy season?

The truth is, it offers a unique kind of beauty.

Solitude reigns supreme as most visitors prefer to come during the drier months.

Pack for Adventure

You'll need to bring some additional supplies. 

Rain boots and waterproof clothing are essential.

But trust me, they're worth packing.

A Challenging Terrain

Let's not sugarcoat it - navigating can get tricky when rain softens the ground at Natural Green.

Most vehicles will be fine in the dry season, but when the rains come down a 4x4 may make your journey easier. If you don't have one, consider renting or using local transport services.

Magic in The Rainy Season

Camping during this time may be less popular but it has its own charm.

The sound of rain hitting your tent while you’re cozy inside...

Nothing quite compares to that experience.

An Oasis For Your Soul

El Valle turns into an oasis with lush greenery everywhere after a good downpour.

This makes for great photo opportunities too.

So why not give camping here during the rainy season a shot?

Pack your rain boots and embrace the adventure. Natural Green Campsite in the rainy season is a hidden gem. It's quieter, greener, and has an unmatched charm. You might find it tricky but hey, isn't that what makes for great stories? #PanamaClick to Tweet

At El Valle Camping, comfort and convenience are priorities.

The campsite offers covered areas for tents.

You won't be wrestling with tent poles in the rain.

Tenting Options

Let's talk about these covered areas for tents.

A variety of sizes are available to fit every camper's needs.

We've got you whether you're a solo adventurer or traveling with a big family.

Community Barbecue Facilities

Beyond sleeping accommodations, Natural Green goes above and beyond with their amenities – notably their community barbecue facilities.

Who doesn’t love a good BBQ?

This isn’t your standard grill station though; it’s an opportunity to cook alongside fellow outdoor enthusiasts while sharing stories around the fire.

Cleanliness is Key at Campgrounds.

Bathrooms? Check. Showers? Double-check. Hygiene does not have to take a backseat when camping out here.

The bathrooms and showers provide all the basic necessities so that after an exciting day of exploration, you can freshen up comfortably without any worries. They are a little rustic, but comfortable. Especially if  you have the place to yourself like we did and can leave the doors open. :-)

In Summary…

No matter if it’s setting up your tent under one of the sheltered spots, grilling some tasty food on the communal BBQs, or taking advantage of the clean bathroom facilities - you can be sure your stay at Natural Green is nothing short of perfect.

Escape the hustle and bustle at El Valle Camping. Relax under a covered tent, sizzle up some BBQ with new friends, and enjoy top-notch facilities. Your perfect getaway awaits. #CampingLife ️Click to Tweet

At El Valle Camping, water is more than just a life necessity; it's an experience.

Tucked away behind the campsite, you'll find a tranquil creek.

Its cool waters are home to friendly turtles and playful fish.

The creek isn't merely for observation but offers an inviting spot for a refreshing plunge.

Experience a true immersion in the natural world with an invigorating dip after a day of trekking or avian viewing.

Aquatic Life at Its Best

You might be wondering about the inhabitants of this freshwater gem?

Turtles? Yes. They're often seen basking on rocks or logs soaking up some sun before slipping back into the water. It's quite entertaining if you ask me.

An Unforgettable Experience

No doubt about it: taking time out by our creekside is one memory you'd want to take home with you from El Valle Camping️. It gives relaxation new meaning.

Seriously though- sitting by running water can have such calming effects on your mind‍️... trust me on this one. You got to try it out while visiting next time.

So pack those swimming trunks and let mother nature work her magic on rejuvenating your spirit during your stay at Natural Green Eco Campsite.

Looking for a unique escape? At Natural Green, the tranquil creek isn't just scenic, it's home to playful fish and sun-bathing turtles. Dip in after a day of hiking or bird-watching. Mother Nature's bathtub awaits you. #ElValleCClick to Tweet

Meet Mario: The Heart of El Valle Camping

Mario is the owner and former biology professor who runs the campsite, and his future plans for the site.

Mario's Background

Delving into Mario's past as a biology professor and how it influences his management of the campsite.

You might ask, "How does being a biology professor influence running a campsite?"

The answer is simple: Immensely.

Biology taught him to understand and respect nature in its purest form. It honed his knack for spotting intricate patterns within ecosystems that most people would overlook.

A Professor Turned Camp Host?

No transition could be more natural.

Mario’s past has shaped the way he manages Natural Green. Every year he hosts biology students from Canada, the US and elsewhere for a month.

The delicate balance between offering amenities while preserving wildlife? That's all thanks to his expertise.

Future Enhancements

"I'm not here merely to maintain this place; I want it to thrive."


Mario dreams big and believes in constant improvement.

Not content with what he has achieved so far, there are always plans brewing at Natural Green.

New Projects on The Horizon...

To enhance your camping experience even further (if you can imagine.), expect some upcoming community projects led by Mario himself.

Your next visit may surprise you with new features adding extra charm to our already enchanting site.

Remember folks - great campsites aren’t built overnight.

It takes love, patience, and individuals like Mario who truly value their land and guests.

Next time you visit, don’t forget to say hi to Mario - the heart and spirit of Natural Green.

Discover El Valle Camping, run by ex-biology professor Mario. His love for nature shapes the site's balance of amenities and wildlife preservation. Expect future enhancements as he dreams big to improve your camping experience. #CampingWithMario️Click to Tweet

FAQs in Relation to El Valle Camping

Is Natural Green camping open?

Yes, El Valle Camping is currently open. But it's always a good idea to check their website or call ahead for the most up-to-date information. Also, Panama is currrently experiencing wide spread protests that make travel difficult. This is a temporary issue, but if you're reading this immediately after publication, be aware.

Is alcohol allowed at Natural Green Eco Campsite?

This is Panama, of course alcohol is allowed. But keep it respectful and don't be an idiot.

Are dogs allowed at Del Valle campgrounds?

Dogs are welcome and they will absolutely love it. They'll love the river, running around the park etc. Leashes are not required, but obviously you are responsible for your own pet.

Is the river safe to swim?

The creek behind the campsite offers refreshing dips but as with any natural water body, caution should be taken when swimming. Its super shallow in most of it, but there are deeper pools to explore.


Natural Green Eco Campsite, El Valle is more than just a campsite. It's an immersive nature retreat nestled in the heart of Panama.

You'll be welcomed by the chirping melodies of 32 different bird species, and you'll definitely see some turtles or geckos. There are also some monkeys running around the trees. Rainy season offers solitude and beauty that can't be matched elsewhere.

The amenities are top-notch but rustic with covered areas for tents, community barbecue facilities, bathrooms, showers - all set against a refreshing creek backdrop.

Mario brings his love for biology to life at Natural Green. With plans for future enhancements through community projects on deck, this gem promises an enriching experience each visit.

So gear up! An unforgettable adventure awaits in Panama’s wild heart: Natural Green Eco Campsite, El Valle de Anton Panama!