Break Free from the 9 – 5 Rat Race By Becoming More Self Sufficient

Break Free  from the 9 – 5 Rat Race By Becoming More Self Sufficient

Lots of people bitch about the nine-to-five rat race. But if you mention self-sufficiency as the way out, they picture a cabin in the woods, miles from civilization with no way in or out, other than maybe two weeks on foot through 20-foot snowdrifts.

So, while they hate commuting two hours per day through bad traffic, just to be stuck in a cubicle for eight hours and do that over and over and over again… After 40 years they finally retire and live the good life…

They won't take the responsibility of being self-sufficient since they don't realize that being self-reliant doesn't mean ditching civilization forever. But it can mean freedom from the lies we've all been told about the American dream.

The more self-sufficient and self-reliant you are, the less reliance you have to be on having a job.

And the less you have to rely on the banks.

Better yet, it's the less that you need to be a slave to the dictates of corporate America.

Freedom from slavery is possible for almost everyone if they do the opposite and what we've been told with the American dream.

Get out of debt.

Debt equals slavery. Debt costs you because of the interest you have to pay on loan, but it also ties you to the system.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to get out of debt.

One of the best ways is by consolidating your debts and your credit card. But that will only work if you have the discipline to stop using that credit card. Because otherwise, you’ll end up right back there again.

I know people who have frozen their credit cards and a block of ice so it's still available in an emergency, but they can't just grab it.

Speaking of getting out of debt, you really should reduce your reliance on the banking system entirely.

Did you know that it was possible to create a special type of bank account that lets you finance your home, cars, business expenses, and a bunch more where instead of costing you interest, you're earning tax-free income? You can get those loans, you know, without credit checks or without damaging your credit… Even if you happen to miss payments.

Visit this link for more information.

Next, you really want to start to grow and store your own food.

Supply chain and food source outages are a real possibility due to the financial fallout of the pandemic.

And they're already starting to show up in certain places. But you can avoid the problems that come with shortages by easily growing your own food.

Even if you live in a city or an apartment, you can do this. Creating a container or raised bed garden doesn't take up much space. You can start with just a herb garden and begin to learn, and then you can grow from there.

Reduce your reliance on the fiat monetary system.

Cryptocurrency has moved more people out of poverty than anything in our lifetimes… Possibly more than anything in history. But more importantly, it frees you from relying on the banking system that determines what you can spend your money on and where you can spend it.

Banks can even limit access to your own funds. For any reason.

Create an income that doesn't rely on working for somebody else.

Learn skills that are useful to others and you’ll always be able to feed your family. You can also use those skills to barter.

I could do an entire video series on bartering and probably will at some point. But start thinking about your existing skills and figuring out how you can use it to solve other people's problems.

If you don't have any skills you think you can use, today is the best time to start learning them. And you can learn just about anything online.

Maybe it's doing mechanical work or being a ma a handyman. Or my favorite is starting an online business. Whatever is, start now before it becomes vital.

Diversify internationally.

Contrary to popular belief, opening offshore bank accounts is not illegal. It's also not illegal to get second residency and second citizenship.

And they're not only for the rich. In fact, they are one of the best ways to become completely self-sufficient because now you have the confidence in knowing that you always have a plan B of somewhere else to go if things fall apart.

We've created a free playbook that'll help you take the first steps to create this plan B and you can grab it for absolutely free by clicking here.

Learn common survival skills.

Like how to start a fire, how to navigate without a GPS using a compass, and how to find water.

How long would you last lost in the woods, or if critical infrastructure collapsed in your city? For most people, it's maybe two or three days, which is terrifying.

Learning how to read a map, find food in the wilderness, or use a compass doesn't take long.

But if the time comes and you need those skills, they can save your life.

Get healthy and in shape.

Because if your health isn't your first priority, you'll always be a slave to the medical and pharmaceutical systems.

Getting healthy and in shape isn't going to protect you from everything. But regardless of what health or emergency issues you run into down the line, the healthier and stronger you are when you face them the better off you'll be.

Learn to defend yourself.

Being self-sufficient means looking after yourself when facing one or more attackers.

Learn jujitsu, which is my favorite form of self-defense for one attacker. And you can do it at any age. Or train if Krav Maga, which is my favorite martial arts for multiple attackers and for life-or-death situations.

Best of all, learn how to use a gun, which is the ultimate form of self-defense.

Become a Better DIYer

Instead of spending your evenings watching Netflix, bring up a YouTube video on fixing your car or doing repairs around the house. Or even working out in the yard.

That way, the next time something breaks, you will not have to call and pay for the repair man. And isn’t that the ultimate form of self-reliance?

Make your home more self-sufficient.

Add solar panels, backup water, and even potentially alternative sewer systems.

That way, if you ever lose or quit your job or if the grid suddenly goes down, you will have significantly fewer bills to pay.

Meaning you're not going to feel as trapped working for that pain in the ass of a boss.

If things get really bad.

Of course, there are more than just these 11 steps and 11 things to complete self-sufficiency.

But mastering or even exploring each of these will make you less reliant on them and finally allow you to escape that nine-to-five rat race. By implementing them, you will never be a slave to the nine-to-five again.

So what steps are you taking to break free from this system, to pay less tax, and to live anywhere in the world you want? Let me know in the comments below.