Canadian Travel Restrictions and the Constant March into Totalitarianism

Canadian Travel Restrictions and the Constant March into Totalitarianism

None of us should be surprised. The True North seems to be accelerating in their plans to leap away from the strong and the free towards becoming a sniffling nanny, state, totalitarian dictatorship.

New travel restrictions, both at the federal and the provincial level, are straining the infrastructure past the breaking point as Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau continues this massive transfer of wealth from Canadians who are already taxed, half to death, to globalist masters of the UN. But while the current administration seems hell-bent on breaking Canadians' collective will down to the level of conformity, found more in China and North Korea, a few people are fighting back.

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Canada's perpetual COVID overreach has unsurprisingly been extended once again. That means that international travelers can enjoy knowing they can add an additional 17 days to the end of any of their travel plans. Days will be spent basking in the luxurious, conditions of a third-world prison.

The official travel restriction for Canadians daring to return home after exercising their constitutional rights to travel include results from a PCR test within 72 hours of travel, registration on ArriveCan, a mobile tracking app, a full quarantine plan listing where they'll be staying for the quarantine period of 14 days.

Plus, the three days you'll hear about in a second. And multiple details of both their lives during that time. It also includes travel details of how they're going to get to the quarantine location, and how they plan on obtaining their groceries and other essentials during that time since they won't be allowed to shop or have visitors.

And more. If you think about skirting those quarantine requirements, you're looking at a $750,000, fine. Six months in prison and a year ban from Canada. Not that I understand why anybody would want to go there anyway. In addition, all visitors arriving by air have to pay for their own incarceration for three days at a cost of approximately $2,000.

And for that $2,000, what can they expect to receive? Well, they get trapped in an unlocked room wrapped in plastic, fed a ration of sandwiches and other food that doesn't meet the dietary requirements of many people. And best of all, they can face the possibility of rape or assault. But don't worry if you squirt this quarantine prison; your fines will only be in the $3,000 range.

And it's not just international travelers that are getting their rights stripped. In New Brunswick, travelers arriving by domestic airlines are not allowed to be picked up by friends or family. They need to use a taxi or a rental car, to drive directly to internment camps that are officially. Known as isolation hotels for at least seven days for $200 per night.

Fortunately, after those seven days, if you have your own home where no one else lives, you can lock yourself up there for the additional seven days saving that ridiculous interment fee. According to premier Blaine Higgs, the much-preferred option is to stay away entirely. He says, “if you don't need to come to New Brunswick, don't come here.”

And because we know everyone in Canada is doing well and doesn't need to work. He also added, “if you are, for example, currently at a resort in Florida and can stay there for another month. Please do so. The risk to you and everyone you come into contact with is simply too high.”

Why he believes that the risk to you is higher in new Brunswick than it is in Florida really escapes me, not to mention what he think will be different next month, compared to the last 13. The province has been divided into three sections on the other coast in British Columbia. And travel between the three sections within the province is now prohibited. Police will be adding counterattack-style roadblocks, and imposing $575 fines for non-compliance.

According to Premier John Horgan, this will be conducted through random audits, not unlike roadside stops for CounterTack during the Christmas season; there will be a fine if you are traveling outside of your area without a legitimate reason. In addition, highway signs are going up along the BC-Alberta border, discouraging travel from Alberta with $575 fine warnings.

And the ferries are going to stop all non-essential travel, not essential travel includes, well, whatever the hell they, they being the government and their enforcers decide where it is. Executive director Harsha Wallia of the BC civil liberties association says, “it's so far unclear how essential travel will be defined and whether the rule will also apply to pedestrians “cyclists, and those on public transit.

The roadblocks themselves are, of course, prime examples of government logic. That way, someone planning on traveling to their vacation home, where they might not run into another person for days or weeks, will get to feel the breath of a cop who's just been coughed on by a thousand other people at the road check.

But what if you don't care about traveling, not even within the province? Well, globalist dictator Bonnie Henry wouldn't want you to miss out on all this fun. So she'll let you also feel a pinch. All the restaurants have been shuttered without warning causing thousands of dollars in losses to restaurant owners who are already strapped thanks to months of ongoing lockdowns. The church has been banned, and all indirect exercise classes have been canceled. Because, after all, people who are physically and spiritually strong are a hell of a lot harder to control. And since everyone knows that social isolation is mentally hard on most people and completely destructive to some, she has also banned any friends or family visiting you at your home or within any vacation accommodations. Fortunately,  not everyone is on board with these actions and is starting to fight back. Former solicitor general and police chief Kash. Heed told CTV news he doesn't think the police will enforce the order. He says, I don't think you can move the success of the roadblocks for drunk driving to this particular order because it's almost an arbitrary detention of the individuals in that vehicle and questioning them, which has nothing about a legal matter that I am privy to.”

He also said that the cost of these measures is enormous involving overtime hours from police officers at double their normal pay.

Joining in on the fight is the End The Lockdown Caucus, which consists of 60 elected members from the federal, provincial, and municipal levels of government fighting back against the destructive lockdowns facing Canadian citizens and visitors.

Derek Sloan said the coalition was formed to protect Canadians from the harm caused by lockdowns.

Uh, party leaders as well, who have joined together from over seven provinces to say that the use of the lockdowns as experienced in this country have been disproportionate to protecting us from COVID in relation to the harms that they have caused.Derek Sloan

He said that the current actions have done way more harm than good.

Our, our sole concern of course, is to protect. Uh, Canadians from all harms, including COVID, but in such a way, uh, that our, our net outcome is better, uh, as opposed to worse. And I believe with the, with the implementation of the Locktons, as we have seen them, we are in fact worse off than if we had done more targeted measures to protect the most vulnerable.Derek Sloan

Later Randy Hillier, a member of the provincial parliament in Ontario, discussed the censorship and the attack on the freedoms and civil liberties of all Canadians.

I believe our province and our country is facing the greatest threat that it has ever faced in its existence, and in its history. This threat is not external.

This threat is not COVID. This threat is a struggle and a conflict, for the conscience of Canadians.Randy Hillier

Perhaps the worst part about these draconian travel bans is negligible if any, reduction in COVID-19 transmission they'll accomplish. According to the spokesman for Health Minister Patty Haijdu Canada already has some of the strongest border measures in the world.

And as of January, travel exposures accounted for a mere 2% of all. Canada's COVID-19 cases in provincial and inter-zone travel are only a percentage of that. So I ask you what is a further tightening of people's lives going to accomplish, especially since some 2% is considered essential travel and can't be stopped anyway.

Given that over 98% of the 1.2 million infected people already in Canada have nothing to do with travel, further restrictions will be as effective as a fart in a hurricane. But it will cause measurable damage due to extra tax dollars, violation of people's constitutional rights, and skyrocketing crimes due to police being tied up chasing drivers instead of arresting actual criminals.

So it makes one wonder why the administration is shooting its entire arsenal at a dead horse. Well, considering that at recent military games in Wuhan, China, Canada was the only country outside of North Korea that saluted the Chinese president.

Canadian soldiers in Wuhan broke steps with our allies, the United States, and France.

And proudly saluted the communist dictator Xi Jinping as they marched past him.

And in 2013, Justin Trudeau admitted that he admired China's basic dictatorship.

Well, maybe, just maybe, you have your answer.