Challenge: Help the Powerful Make a Good Decision

Something a little different today… A challenge.

You know as well as I do, that governments generally make bad decisions. Or at the very best, make bad decisions for most people.

But you didn't get to where you are by making bad decisions.

Maybe you're an entrepreneur, business owner, investor, or whatever…

Wherever you're coming from, I think you're looking for more freedom and liberty. Otherwise, you probably wouldn't be watching this channel.

And I think you care about humanity and wouldn't go out of your way to hurt anyone.

If you would, please stop watching this page… I am only talking to good people who want to make a positive change.

Whatever your story, you have a right to be heard, and I think we can make a positive impact with all of us working together.

So I'm proposing a challenge. Post any pros and cons of keeping the lockdowns and quarantine in the comments.

Just post if it's a Pro or a Con… And then state what the Pro or Con is…

For example, a Con of keeping the lockdowns going is there will be more suicides due to the economic damage.

The rule is, though, if you post a pro or a con, you need to be able to defend it if anyone challenges you.

So you need to be able to post proof, evidence, reasoning, etc., to defend it.

If you want to skip getting challenged, post your evidence and statement.

Let's have fun… And maybe we can help make a positive change through good decision-making.