Email Marketing: How Can Email Be Inbound Marketing?

Email Marketing: How Can Email Be Inbound Marketing?
Email Marketing Tips

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Email Marketing Tips


If you have done any sales or marketing at all, either online or off, you know the money is in the list.  Email Marketing is not that new, and is still one of the best ways to nuture your leads into customers for your business.  But, is it really Inbound Marketing, when you are sending mail out?

Email marketing has gotten a bad rap over the last few years because of the advent of spam.  Simply stated spam is considered unsolicited mail that is bulk sent to people who do not want it.  And it is generally untargeted.

The goal of an email spammer is to use outbound marketing, or interruption marketing, at a high enough level to reach enough people.  Hoping someone will buy.

Inbound Marketing is the opposite.  It is providing valuable information to people who are looking for the products or services that you offer.  It is about nurturing a relationship with your leads.  And allowing them the opportunity to buy from you.  Not shoving it down your throat.

Email marketing is a key component in your inbound marketing strategy.   And email marketing will be considered inbound, if you follow 3 simple rules.

Let Readers Know What You Will Be Sending

If readers of your email marketing campaigns know exactly what they will be getting information on, and you stick to that, they are very unlikely to ever discontinue, or unsubscribe.  These are people who want your information, and as long as you are providing it, why would they ever move on?

Let Readers Know Your Frequency

Depending on your business and on your goals, you need to determine how often you will send this information.  Do you want to have a monthly or quarterly newsletter?  Would you like to send weekly promotional mail, or daily tips?  What about special announcements.

When you determine your frequency, you need to think about your audience.  You want to be delivering content often enough that your customers remember you.  But not so much that their inbox is flooded with information.

Get Readers Permission for Your Email Marketing Campaign

I debated on where to list this point.  It is the first point or step in your email marketing plan.  But, it is by far the most important, which is why I am mentioning it last.

You need to have your potential customer’s permission to add them to your email marketing list.  It’s ok for you to send potential customers a personalized email asking if they would like to join your list, if say for example you met them at a tradeshow or networking event.  But, never add someone to your newsletter or email marketing list without asking for their permission first.

That is a fast way to get yourself blocked or worse yet be in violation of the CAN-SPAM act.

Depending on your business, it can take customers up to 7, or even more views of your message before they will purchase from you.  Email marketing is the best way to nurture this relationship, and turn your leads into customers.  As well as build your customers into repeat buyers.

It is definitely considered inbound marketing as long as you provide what your customers are looking for, at the frequency they want it, and you have their permission to send it.

There are a number of different email marketing management systems available to suit your business.  Why not contact us for a free consultation so we can go over the options?

Inbound marketing for businesses is blowing outbound marketing out of the water as a method for gathering leads for your business.  Email marketing is a key component in that inbound marketing strategy.  Get started today.