How To Use Tax Shelters and Tax Havens… And Stay Out of Prison

How To Use Tax Shelters and Tax Havens… And Stay Out of Prison

Hey, what's going on today? I want to talk to you a little bit about tax havens and tax shelters.

And specifically about the difference between them, which is a question that I get quite a lot. Because there's a lot of people who often get them confused.

Or they maybe even think the one or the other is illegal.

And the truth is that neither of them is. But there are differences in how you have to use them, and different things to you do need to do to keep the legal.

If you want to protect your assets, especially if you're a high net worth individual your likely that you could benefit from both.

So first, let's talk a little bit about tax havens. Tax havens are locations around the world, in places where they have favorable tax laws.

Or tax laws that are in your favor because of lower tax rules different regulations those types of things.

Sometimes, these aren’t very popular with the globalists.

They don't like them very much because they want to know everything about you and what you you're doing with your assets.

But using the tax these tax havens aren’t actually illegal. There are certain rules that you'll have to follow within your home country to use them, but you can use them.

So, it's all comes down to how you use them.

And it comes down to really the laws of not that place so much because obviously you're going there because they have favorable tax laws, but where you're living.

So, for example, if you're a US citizen especially, they have some of the strongest laws in the world when it comes to actually using tax havens, and you're not going to use tax havens to keep things secret.

At least not secret from the government.

But they are favorable advantages to use them if you watch your back and you do it correctly. If you do everything legally
based on those locations those tax havens do provide some benefits and some savings
even if you live in the US.

Tax shelters on the other hand, these are instruments that you're going to use to defer your taxes, usually temporarily. These are things like 401K plans with deferred tax benefits those types of things.

So, they actually get you into a position to be able to use your money in the way that you want you right now, by pushing your taxes off down the line.

They help you get this temporary reprieve from the taxes, for things that you can better use down the road such as you know and reinvesting your profits right now or being in a better position to be able to afford the taxes later on because you have more wealth.

So while tax havens and tax shelters, they both allow you to save on taxes, they have very different uses.

And when you're an unconventional entrepreneur who's looking for that personal financial or location independence, you're going to have to learn how to use both, and use of strategies legally so that you stay out of trouble.

One of the things you can get do to get started down this path is to visit the link below the video.

Because if you don't start doing this, start deferring your taxes and using tax havens,
you're really missing on a thousands or even really hundreds of thousands of dollars in perfectly legal tax savings that you should be taken advantage of. And more importantly you're using losing years of your life by missing out on freedom and independence.

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