The 3 Main Components of a Lead Generation Landing Page that Converts

The 3 Main Components of a Lead Generation Landing Page that Converts

Lead generation is the biggest concern of most business owners today.  For both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) companies, leads are the life blood of their business.

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English: Nautical illustration of a man in the chains “heaving the lead: on an old sailing ship. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While some companies focus on, and try to get sales directly from their website, most businesses should be gathering leads instead.  So sales people can follow up, and close.

Most prospects aren't going to spend more than a couple of hundred dollars without actually talking to someone.  So lead generation is key.

3 Components of a Successful Lead Generation Landing Page

There are many different aspects to a lead generation campaign.  But today, I want to talk to you a little about landing pages.

If your free offer is the anchor for your lead gathering goals – your landing page is the rode.  For those of you not familiar with nautical terminology, and without getting too technical, the anchor rode is what makes the anchor “stick”.   Without it, the anchor is not of much use.

It’s where your lead gives you all of that valuable information – like their name, phone number and any other information your sales team needs.

The trick, is to get the right information.  Too little, and your sales people are wasting their time following up on weak leads.

Too much, and prospects will avoid filling in the form all together.  This “resistance” is known as friction.

Your goal is to gather as much information as possible, while avoiding friction as much as you can.

You should set a goal of converting 5% – 30% of your visitors.  If it's less than that, at least one of the 3  components below needs to be improved.  Spend time examining each one in detail.

An Offer Your Prospect “Needs”

Like I said earlier, your offer is the anchor that holds everything together.  You need a strong offer that is relevant to the stage in the buying process your ideal leads are at.

If you do the next 2 pieces right, you might still get a bunch of leads.  But if your offer is not valuable, and it's discovered after giving you their information, you will lose all credibility.  Make sure your offer does what you say it is going to do.

Crafting the right offer is an article in itself.  Actually, it is a white paper, eBook, or course…

You get the idea.  Without a good offer, nothing else matters.

Copywriting That Forces a “Sale”

It doesn't matter if your offer is free.  You still need to sell your prospects on its benefits.  Or, they won't give you the information you are looking for.

The more information you are asking for, the better and more powerful your copy must be.  You need to convince your readers that the information you are giving is worth whatever you are asking for in return.

How you approach your copy will depend on your offer. For B2C, emotion is the primary driver.  Make your reader feel some type of emotion around what you are giving them.  Solve a crisis, and make your reader “happy”.

For B2C, emotion is still important.  But logic, stats and facts are going to be the primary driver.  Making sure your offer, and the sales copy that presents it, meets a business need.

A Lead Capture Form That Qualifies, But Doesn't “Frighten”

This is where you capture all the information your team needs to prepare before calling the lead.  Or is needed to move the prospect into your sales funnel.

For some products, this might just be a name and a phone number.  For others, the sales team wants to know every detail of the person's life.

Reducing the “friction” while still providing enough information is a balancing act.  This is one of those places where A/B Split testing is valuable.  Try different versions until you get the right mix.

At a minimum, your form should collect First Name, Last Name, Email and Phone number.  Any less, and this prospect is a subscriber, not a lead.

A winning landing page will get you more leads than your sales people can handle.  When you find that right balance of information, those leads will be well qualified and ready for your lead nurturing email campaign.  Or phone calls from your sales staff.

Lead gathering landing pages are not a place you want to skimp.  They should have as much, or even more focus than your sites home page.  They are that important.

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A website without lead generating landing pages is nothing more than an electronic brochure…

But a site that has several can be a lead generation machine.