An Effective SEO Strategy That is Critical for your Inbound Marketing Success

An Effective SEO Strategy That is Critical for your Inbound Marketing Success

Why do you need an effective SEO Strategy?

You already have a great looking website and blog. So now what? Now, you need traffic, you need to be found, which is the next step in your inbound marketing strategy. A website without and SEO Strategy and traffic is a complete waste of time and money.

In order to attract customers to your small business or brand, you need to be found. You need to attract readers to your website so that you can convert those readers into leads.

SEO Strategy on White Board

SEO Strategy by dmhoro under CC BY-SA


The first step, in getting found is a good SEO strategy. SEO is part art and part science. Experts disagree as to which of those is more important. Personally, I tend to lean more towards the science side of the argument, since that is more measurable. I am all about getting and proving repeatable results.

But, there are certain factors that everyone agrees are important. And, after you have done your keyword research to determine the keywords that are important to you, your strategy better take these factors into consideration. If you want to be found.

The first important factor in your SEO strategy, is what is known as on page optimization. On page optimization refers to what you do on your own site, in regard to the keywords that you are targeting.

Unfortunately, only about 15 % of your overall ranking is dictated by on page SEO. It is however the part of your SEO strategy that is the easiest to control. Important on page factors include:

  • URL Name
  • Title Tag
  • Blog Body or Content
  • Heading Tags
  • Bold Tags (Also Italics, emphasize tags)
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Meta Keywords
  • Etc.

Of these, the most important are the URL name and the Title tag. These should definitely contain your keyword. And preferably contain it near the start.

The least important of the above on page factors is the Keyword Meta Tags. In fact, Google ignores this completely. Also, it is a good source of information for your competitors about your site, so it might be best to ignore it entirely. But that is the topic of another blog post.

By far, the most important factor in your SEO Strategy is Off Page optimization. This refers to what happens outside of your site that helps your site do better in the eyes of the search engines.

Off page optimization can get very complex, and there are a number of different SEO strategies that are employed. But at a high level, it comes down to really a few things. The 2 biggest factors are:

  • Links
  • Social Engagement.

Today, links are by far the biggest factor, but social engagement is growing fast. Some experts say that it will quickly overtake links as the primary factor in your SEO strategy.

However, since we are living in today, a strong link building campaign is going to be the primary goal of your SEO Strategy.

With links, it matters where they come from. Its impossible to determine exactly how effective one link will be over another, but it is important that your links come from authority sites, and preferably sites that are in a related niche. Another important factor seems to be having a good diversity of domains linking to you. Ie, it is better to have a number of different sites with one link to you, than it is to have a few sites with lots of links to you.

Future blog posts are going to dive deeper into each of these topics, but it is important to remember, that a solid SEO strategy consists of both On Page and Off Page optimization for your selected keywords.

And it is even more important to remember, that without an SEO Strategy, your inbound marketing campaign is going to fail. You can't attract leads if you cannot be found. And in today’s competitive market, no website is being found, at least without buying views (PPC), without SEO.

So, after you have determined the keywords your potential customers will use trying to find you, help them do just that. Start implementing your On Page and Off Page SEO Strategy immediately.

An important part of getting leads is getting found, and your SEO strategy is your first step in that direction.

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