Show Me Your Roots

Show Me Your Roots

If it makes you happy to hand over your hard-earned money in the extortion schemes called “Taxes,” “Banks,” or “Pension Funds,” stop reading immediately. Same if you feel bound to a social contract where you “pay” government to keep you safe.

Chance is, the Palm Tree Lifestyle is not for you. And you will never have to learn about the Five (or 6 or 7) Flag Theory and where to plant your flag.


  • If you aren’t happy with the location you were born into; or
  • If you aren’t happy with being forced to share your earnings without your direction; or
  • If you’re not happy living a high-cost, high-stress lifestyle

… you have the choice and the opportunity to change it!

Today I will show you 5 things digital entrepreneurs and investors need to know about Flag Theory so you can finally leave the world of high taxes, business wrecking regulations, and personal freedom infringement behind for good.

Abraham Lincoln famously said: “Every person’s happiness is their own responsibility.” One of the best-known presidents in the world said it about 200 years ago – so why are people still depending on governments for their happiness?

Happiness is an inside job. And for me, happiness is inextricably linked to freedom.

Human beings don’t have roots. We aren’t trees planted for perpetuity and are likely to die if we’re uprooted and moved.

Living the Palm Tree Lifestyle

The Five Flag Theory is part and parcel of the PT Theory: A lifestyle concept for unconventional thinkers who believe in freedom and autonomy from government regulation and control over your life, your money, and your business.

PTs are mostly interested in individual sovereignty that they, in and of themselves, are “enough,” independent of any location or group of individuals that they were born into – that they didn’t actively choose to be part of. Ultimately, they’re highly independent.

Does that sound like you? An unconventional thinker who is open to new information and new experiences?

If so, join LIBpreneur for only $16.50 per month to:

  • Live the PT-Way and learn how to live, make money and spend your money in the places that treat you best, where no one owns you.
  • Discover the 5 identities you need to create to guarantee personal, financial, and location independence in any situation.
  • Uncover the top 3 best places to park your cash so it's protected and you can get it when needed.
  • Discover the 5 top countries for offshore businesses, residency, citizenship, and asset protection, so you never have to worry about losing everything you've worked so hard to create.
  • Learn how to use domestic geo arbitrage techniques to save money and retire early without stepping offshore.

What’s truly baffling is why people willingly stay stuck in a very limited geographical location – just because that’s where they were born.

Is it because it’s easier to pay half of your income in tax, live a stressful and high-cost lifestyle, and invest in subpar investments in your home country than even thinking of venturing outside your box’s borders?


The world is enormous, with millions of opportunities!

Choose where you want to root.