OMG!!! An Unsubscriber from my Email Marketing List!

OMG!!!  An Unsubscriber from my Email Marketing List!
Email Marketing Is Dead

OMG!!!  An Unsubscriber!  Warning, A Bit of A Rant!

I wish I had a dollar for every time a new client, friend, business associate or online newbie came up to me screaming those words.  “OMG!  I just got an unsubscriber from my email marketing list”.  What will I do?

While it might seem a little mean, my answer is “Awesome!”

This answer admittedly has gotten me into trouble more than once.  But, after I calm the person down enough to see what I mean, they usually come around.

So, why do I think unsubscribers from your email or auto-responder list are not only OK, but a reason to cheer?

Well, here are 3 good reasons.

You Pay for Each Subscriber

OK, yes, I know you pay for your subscribers in blocks.  0 – 500, 500 – 2500, 2500 – 5000, etc.  So, each subscriber costs you very little.  But, you still are paying something for that subscriber, no matter how small.

Once they unsubscribe, you save yourself a little bit of money each month.  And …

That Unsubscriber was never Going to Buy from You Anyway

I just had a client show me some feedback they got recently and were worried about.  It said “I signed up for free tutorials, but some of your tutorials are not free.”

Umm, OK…?

Surprise…  Guess what, you aren’t in business for your health.  You love your subscribers, and you give away a lot.  But it’s also nice to make some money for your business once in a while, right?  If all you do is give away free information, you won’t be around long to give away much more.

If they don't want to pay for some of your products or services, they don’t have to, there is no obligation.  But if having to filter through the 1 paid tutorial or service out of the 5 free ones is too much – Good bye.  They were never going to buy anything anyway.

You can Get Some Valuable Feedback

Depending on your email service, many unsubscribers will leave you feedback on why they left.  Sometimes the feedback you get can be valuable in helping you improve the quality of your emails.  Yes, it’s too bad you lost that person, but there are others out there.  So as long as you are learning you will be OK.

Another type of feedback is if a lot of people are leaving.  This is a sign that you need to make changes, and is more serious than losing one or 2.  But at least now you know.  It’s better than paying for a list of 10000 people but no one ever reads your mails.

You Can Focus on the Leads That Matter

I remember a network marketing person telling me once “Some will, Some Won't, Who Cares.”  And, while it might seem a little harsh, it’s true in any sales environment.  And, if you are in business, don't kid yourself, you are in sales.  Sales and marketing are what makes the difference between profits and bankruptcy.

You want to focus on the customers who can get value from what you are offering.  If they can't or are too blind to see it, you are wasting your time.  And theirs.  Move on to leads who are looking for what you offer.  Then, when you are wildly successful, you can think about all those unsubscribers and gloat about the fact that it is them losing out on all of your wisdom.

Don't Sweat It

I was a little bit “flip” today, and maybe a little tongue in cheek.  A list is extremely important to your business.  In fact, your business probably can't survive without it.

But as long as you aren't totally ticking off your readers – at least the ones you care about – and you aren't offending or doing anything illegal; and as long as you aren't losing a high proportion of your leads, a few unsubscribes here and there are fine.  It’s normal.

In fact, it’s an opportunity to get some valuable feedback, and focus on leads who may turn into customers.

So, don’t let the fear of losing subscribers stop you from sending that extra mail.  Or, even that rant.  Just make sure you are monitoring everything and learning every step of the way.  Email marketing, like everything else in business is a learning experience.  The important thing is to be yourself.

If you would like some help on creating emails that engage your visitors, and have them begging for more, checkout our email marketing services.

Email is critical to your business.  It is still the number one way to engage with your potential customers and turn leads into raving clients and fans.