Vaccine Passports USA EXPOSED: Worse Than You Think… Or Necessary?

Vaccine Passports USA EXPOSED: Worse Than You Think… Or Necessary?

Well, that escalated quickly. Just a few months ago, dumbass maskholes on social media were telling us that vaccination passports were just a conspiracy theory.

Now they're out there actively begging for them. And they're saying that they're our fastest path back to normal. Plus, they're trying to justify their existence by comparing them to yellow fever, vaccination cards required to travel to certain mosquito-infested jungles. But vaccine passports have nothing to do with getting back to normal. And comparing them to yellow fever travel cards is just playing stupid.

After living through more than a year of the two weeks to flatten the curve, lockdowns, wearing two, three, four, and five masks, and staying away from grandma, the usual suspects are back at it again.

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This time they're pushing for vaccine passports, similar practice to the old phrase of showing me your papers. Vaccine passports would allow patrons to easily allow or deny passage of customers to theaters, stadiums, wedding receptions, and arenas. Music venues, restaurants, or any other location they deem appropriate?

Not surprisingly, governor Andrew Cuomo, the guy accused of causing increased deaths due to his policy of locking up COVID positive patients in nursing homes and then under-reporting deaths in a state. He's pushed to make his state. The first us state that has implemented these passports. According to the USA Today, starting Friday, new Yorkers can pull up a code on their cell phone or a printout to prove that they've been vaccinated against COVID-19 or that they've recently tested negative for the virus that causes it internationally.

Mr. Dress-up is also known as the Canadian prime minister. Justin Trudeau, he's changed his tunes in the last recent couple of weeks. He originally said he was against the passports due to the potential for discrimination. Something that I'm going to talk about in just a minute. He has since warmed up to the idea saying that some kind of passport or vaccination form for international travel is something that countries are actively exploring, and we're among those countries.

And, of course, Europe has fallen in love with digital passports, with Tony Blair saying it's just a matter of time before they take off. He envisions a digital health certificate or passport that is recognized universally that combines vaccination and testing status. He says this would allow countries to defend themselves better against the coronavirus and permit people to start traveling and going about their favorite activities.

Countries like Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore have already introduced these vaccine passports. But while these rulers act like Darth Vader when he's choking the life out of any of us who ask questions about anything, I find your lack of faith disturbing enough of this data release, as you wish. This picketing is punched.

Not everyone is on the vaccine passport gravy train. The libertarian party of Kentucky recently asked on Twitter if the vaccine passport will be yellow, shaped like a star, and sewn on our clothes. Florida governor

Rhonda Santos believes that they're an unnecessary imposition on daily life. He says we will not support the idea of vaccine passports in Florida.

Yeah. The idea that you should have to show that to be able to participate in normal activity, like going to a football game or a movie theater, certainly for government to force you. That's something that's not acceptable. And Missouri senators are running close behind in taking steps to ban COVID-19 vaccination passports in the state.

Beyond just the basic infringements on privacy, vaccine passports are terrifying because we all know that the government is famous for going above and beyond the expected balance of any initiative that they introduce us house of representatives members. Justin Amash said that a vaccine passport, even when privately managed, will have exceedingly negative consequences on society.

I also don't believe the government will stay out of it, nor will they stop COVID or vaccinations. The expansion of the Patriot act and Pfizer is instructive. And that is only one example. What happens when the infringements on your health? Privacy go beyond knowing whether you've taken the shot for COVID.

In addition, it's easy to see the vaccine passports will discriminate based on race and social economic situation. For example, according to an article on new, with an unequal healthcare system, limited vaccine access and class-driven technological disparities, vaccine passports may be another tool for the rich to return to normal life.

Well, the people who are already being failed by our current system of vaccine roll-outs. Find themselves left further out in the cold, Dr. Marcella Nunez Smith, the chair of president Biden's coronavirus equity task force says people of color are getting vaccinated at rates below their representation of the general population.

And according to, across these 40 States, the vaccination rate among white people was nearly twice as high as the rate for Hispanic people. Even those who admit that vaccine passports were created a two-tier travel culture say that governments shouldn't require vaccination certificates because it's unclear if people who have been vaccinated can still pass the COVID-19 virus onto others.

Besides, demanding vaccine passports for the disease that already exists in a community is significantly different than the yellow fever cards, which are specific to geographical regions. And it's different from anything that we've ever seen before. As representative amass says, a vaccine passport is not what we already do.

It's not proof of vaccination for international travel or schooling. It's proof of vaccination for everyday living, groceries, restaurants, and movies. It's disingenuous. To conflate the former with the ladder. Look, it's easy to understand why people are rushing to get the COVID-19 vaccines. According to the Guardian, vaccinated people are protected in 63 to 95% of cases from developing COVID-19 and its symptoms, depending on the vaccine.

However, according to infectious disease, physician progressor. Gregory door. Well, the Pfizer and modern vaccines are up to 95% effective in the prevention of symptoms. It's extremely unlikely that any vaccine would achieve such a high level of infection prevention, even though the point of vaccines is protecting those who have taken the vaccine, not reducing its transmission.

The globalist media has done a great job of convincing people. Vaccine passports are a good idea. For their own safety in Britain, most people are fine with assault on their civil liberties. In a recent survey, a representative sample of over 8,300 people over 16 in the United Kingdom found that 78% of respondents favored vaccine passports to travel abroad or to visit a relative in a care home.

And they also included high numbers in theaters, pubs, restaurants, and more. Why are people so in love with this infringement on their privacy, isn't it wrong to discriminate against individuals by stopping their ability to shop for groceries, go to shows or enjoy travel. Am I alone in thinking that people's health decisions are deeply personal and they need to remain private between them and their chosen healthcare providers?

When the globalist ruler is going to stop infringing on those basic rights? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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