Where has BoostYourLeads been hiding?

Where has BoostYourLeads been hiding?
English: Aching tooth: This statue is in the w...

Aching tooth: This statue is in the window of a dentist's in Blackheath. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever heard the story of the cobbler with the tattered shoes. Or, maybe more appropriately, the plumber with the leaky pipes, the mechanic with the broken down car, or the dentist with the nasty toothache?

I think all of us fall into that trap once in a while. We get so busy with our clients work, that we forget about our own.

It probably seems like we have been guilty of that for the last couple of months. Yes, I know that we should be blogging multiple times per week. Yes, I know I nag you about it all the time.

So you may be wondering why over here at BoostYourLeads Inbound Marketing, things have seemed pretty quiet.

And for that, I apologize.

We actually have had a number of different projects in progress, designed specifically to help your business.  Sure, there are some obvious things, like our updated SEO Services page.  But, behind the scenes, there have been a number of secret changes brewing. Things that I know you will be excited about.

Things like:

  • Custom written Auto-responders created so your business stays in front of your ideal customer, and they remember you when they need you.  You are going to be super excited about this.  Watch for “formal” news, and an information page very soon, but in the mean time, you can contact us directly.  Or give me a call at 305-515-6218.
  • Landing Page, Sales Page and Web Page Copy using the latest powerful persuasion tactics to ensure greater leads and sales – created for you.  It all about the words, and even if you have a page already, we can spice it up!
  • Brand new content packages to drive loads of hungry traffic to your site.  We hinted at this a while back, but now is the time for you to get moving with one.  Drop me a line at glen@glenkowalski.com.
  • Services like – White papers, Reports, Video Scripts and Webinars that will have your potential customers screaming for more!
  • Offline Content to expand your reach even further!
  • Much More…

You probably just noticed a common thread.  Its all about the content.

Ironic isn't it, that the time we spent developing new content options – and creating more content for you, has caused a content gap from us?

But its time to fix our shoes, leaky pipes, broken down car…

And especially that darn toothache!

So that is where you come in.

  • What types of articles would you like to see on our blog and delivered to your inbox?
  • What are you struggling with in your online marketing?
  • What do you want to know about content creation?
  • What questions do you need to see answered?

Please leave a comment below, or email me personally at glen@glenkowalski.com.  And I promise to get back to you with an answer.  Either privately, or on the blog. This is your community, and your source for up to date information on how to better to position your business.  What do you want to see?