Why The Government CAN’T Manage This Crisis

A few days ago, I ran into a situation that proved, in a small way, why the government is incapable of managing a crisis like the Covid-19 situation. It isn't even the government's fault.

The government, and their enforcers are like hammers… And every problem is a nail.

They don't leave room for common sense, flexibility, or modification.

They see an issue, devise a knee-jerk reaction, and implement it. At best, they don't think about it at all. At worst, they only think about how it can benefit them or their friends.

Like the incredibly smart Jeffrey Tucker said, “Just to be clear — I shouldn't have to say this — even if Covid19 had turned out to be the Black Death, even if the media had not been wildly exaggerating this (which they were from March on) I would still completely oppose any lockdowns.

The general principle here is that any disease should be treated as a medical issue and not a political one” The Corona Virus crisis has clearly become more of a political issue than a medical one… And because of that, the results are disastrous.

This is obvious at a macro scale, with the lockdown measures worldwide doing far more damage than the virus ever could. Economic destruction, poverty, and inevitably death… Likely in the millions.

And in the more micro-scale, like people arrested trying to buy food, going surfing miles from anyone, suicide from social isolation or job loss, or like the security situation described in this video.

This video is coming out late, it should have been done as a live broadcast, but because of security, I couldn't let it go out until today… You'll understand once you watch it.

What situations have you run into where the problems created by the government, are worse than what they are trying to fix?