You Can Still Get Easy Residency in Panama Until 5 August –– When Everything Changes!

You Can Still Get Easy Residency in Panama Until 5 August –– When Everything Changes!

It has always been inevitable. Panama’s Friendly Nations Visa has been undeniably the easiest, fastest and most affordable route to permanent residency in another country.

But that door is now being closed, or at least, it will take either a job offer from a Panama company or spending $200,000 in real estate to open it…

In today’s video, I explain how Panama’s Friendly Nations Visa requirements are changing, and why you should do everything you can to take advantage of the old rules while you still can.

It’s as simple as finding an immigration lawyer and getting your paperwork in order; registering a Panamanian corporation (useful for many things); hopping on a plane, showing $5,000 in a Panamanian bank account; and getting your temporary residency visa in hand about a week later!

But you only have until 5 August to do so…

Panama is not the first country recently to announce tighter residency requirements. Golden visa options are shooting through the roof or being shut down completely. And while more and more countries are offering digital nomad or remote working visas, these do not offer a permanent solution.

It is important to know that Panama offers other residency visas, including a residency by teak investment and the very popular Pensionado visa for retirees.

So if you’ve always wanted to plant a flag in Panama – all hope is not lost. I will talk more in the upcoming weeks about Panama’s “other” residency options; but if you can move fast and get your Friendly Nations Visa in the next two months that would be first prize!

You are welcome to contact me if you’d like to discuss your options.

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